Why Participate In The SEMC Special Sessions

Each SEMC edition brings about a certain number of special sessions that will be a part of the complex framework of our highly praised International Conference. These sessions are mostly intended to cater to the needs of specialists looking forward to report and analyze the latest developments in certain connected fields.

International Relevance Attributed To Special Sessions

The special sessions are known to have a high degree of relevance at an international level and this is why we warmly welcome all of you prospective organisers interested in attending our special sessions to send out your papers as soon as possible, with July the 31st being the least accepted day for receiving submissions. Your role as a prospective organizer of a special session will be to find contributors located anywhere in the world and send out well-tailored invitations to the authors, so they can prepare and send out papers for the special session. These sessions normally host between ten and twenty people making one presentation each.

Benefits Of Attending Our Special Sessions

If you are either interested in searching for the brightest authors willing to make some revolutionizing papers for the big SEMC conference in 2016 or you would like to personally bring your contribution to the table, you will be exposed to an impressive number of world-renowned specialists eager to meet you. Excellent collaborations and partnerships could be born at the end of these special sessions, not to mention the possibility to come across industrialists willing to sponsor your bold projects meant to completely change the face of construction work or mechanics. Whether you have developed a brand new, state-of-the-art lock replacement system for professional and novice locksmiths or you are eager to present your latest research on a revolutionary drilling machine, you are more than welcomed here. As an organizer, you will be exempted from paying the registration fee in case your particular session manages to attract at least 12 contributors who have registered with you. If you have recently worked together with the guys at lock4less and their 24/7 mobile crews inspired you to work on a residential emergency lockout system that can cut the intervention time by half, make sure you properly present your idea. Lock4Less is a nationwide, authorized locksmith company offering residential, commercial, and automotive lock-related services offering free estimates and specialized transponder programming service. The advanced tools and techniques they are working them are helping them practice some of the smallest rates on the market, while considerably speeding up their service.    

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Why Participate In The SEMC Special Sessions

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